Monday, April 11, 2011

It's a Girl!

So, as many of you know, it is now official. We are having a baby Girl! We are so excited. (Especially me)

This is kind of how it all went down - with a little bit of history, too.

I had marginal placenta previa with Braxton. As I got bigger, the placenta pulled away from my cervix and it wasn't an issue. Then, with Malachi, when we had our ultrasound, the placenta was about 1 cm away from my cervix. So, with this baby, I wanted to be checked out, too.

You see, we are planning on having this baby at home, like we did Malachi, with my AWESOME midwife, Rebecca Williams. But, since she (Rebecca) is a midwife, she only has an older ultrasound machine, not the newer ones. She isn't trained in that field, so she doesn't measure any parts or anything like that. If we want that done (which some people don't) than we have to make an appointment elsewhere.

I had thought a lot about NOT finding out the sex of the baby. I figured I'd be a tad disappointed to hear "it's a boy" again. However, I knew that the moment I held him in my arms, I would be happy. So, why should I be slightly bummed for 19 weeks, when really I'd be happy with the outcome either way. I mean, I really do love my boys!

I also figured that with having a natural childbirth - maybe it would be the extra "oomph" that I needed during that last few minutes (that last a lifetime) to finally get to know whether it was a girl or boy.

On March 31st, I was getting Braxton ready for school. I had laid his clothes out and was gathering some schoolwork when he told me this: "Mom, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately." "Really? What's that?" "Well, I really hope that you have a girl. Because, I mean, you've already had two boys and I bet you'd really love a daughter. So, I hope you have a girl mom. For you." (Remember, this is coming from my seven year old!)

That made my heart kind of melt and I thought about how I really would LOVE to have a daughter! As the day passed, I kept thinking about what he said. Later that day I had to run to Costco to get some contacts. I walked past the baby section and saw an ADORABLE girl outfit. I hesitated buying it. I knew that if I did get it, I would just be jinxing myself. But, I knew that in three and a half months, I more than likely would not be able to find it anymore. So, I gave in and bought it.

As soon as I got home, I called to schedule me an ultrasound. I atleast had to know that we were in the clear with the placenta issue. And, I figured if by chance I "happened" to see that it was a boy or girl -- well, there isn't really anything you can do about that, right? =]

When I called in, I was surprised, but they said they could get me in that day. I wasn't sure I could get a hold of David in time, so I scheduled for the next day. Which just happened to be April Fool's day. But, I wasn't thinking about that at the time.

So, we went in. We told the sonographer about my hesitancy in finding out. She was SO adorable! Instead of looking at me like, "Lady! Make up your mind." She seemed so concerned and sat there thinking. She finally said, "I keep trying to think of ways that I could tell you ... but, they won't work" I said, "I know, I was thinking, 'well just tell us if it's a girl and don't tell us if it's a boy ... but then we'll know it's a boy if you don't say anything.'" She was like, "I know! I was thinking that for a while too." She then just said, "Well, let's begin. And everytime we get close to that area, we will have you look away."

To make a LONG story very short. The baby wasn't cooperating anyway. Legs crossed the ENTIRE time. She'd jiggle my belly, had me get up and use the restroom, had me stretch, switch positions, to get the baby to MOOOOVE, but to no avail. Nothing. She sincerely looked at me and said, "Well, to be honest, I don't know the gender of your baby. I haven't seen anything." I then mentioned I had to use the restroom again ... so she had me get up and go. At this point, I just wanted to know because the baby was being SO stubborn! In fact, it was about this time that she let out a sigh and said, "Oh boy ..." As in, "wow this baby is stubborn" But, it kind of startled me and she quickly exclaimed, "not as in, it's a boy ... as in 'oh boy! I just can't get a good look!" She felt awful, but it was actually pretty funny!

David and I had time to discuss a little bit, while the sonographer walked outside. David reminded me that if it was a boy, Malachi would have a little buddy to play with. That actually made me very happy. Part of me, wanted to really cry. I guess because this could be our last baby and I wouldn't know what it was like to have that girl. I mean, I don't know about you, but 5 kids is enough for me. I could call it good!

The sonographer came back in. I told her that we had decided that we wanted to know for sure if the baby would cooperate. Again, no cooperation on the baby's part! She had yet to get a really good measurement of the spine. So I got up, went to the bathroom again, and did some more jumping around to try and get the baby to MOOOOOVE!

However, little to my knowledge, while I was in the bathroom. The sonographer and David had a "little" discussion. I guess while I wasn't looking, they got very close to the gender area and saw no little boy parts. So, David whispered, "I have been looking VERY closely - and I can't see a penis." She added, "I know, me too. I think it's a girl, but I don't want to give her false hope. I will not call it until I am absolutely positive."

They wrapped up their little conversation as I walked out the bathroom door. I could tell she was drawing him a little diagram, but I thought it was just to help him know where to look. So, I didn't think anything of it.

I laid down ... AGAIN, and we began our last search. She mentioned she only had a few minutes left before she had other appointments. I began to think to myself, "I guess we really aren't supposed to find out." A few more seconds went by and I heard her make a noise. I immediately knew that she had seen. My heart raced and I tensed up. She quietly, but happily exclaimed, "It's a little girl!" Then she said it again a little louder and threw both hands up in the air, "IT'S A GIRL!" I looked up at her, and said, "Are you serious?" I also began to cry. She then said, "After ALL we've been through, do you think I'd do that to you?" I really got teary then and she started to get teary-eyed too! She was SOOOO sweet. David was in a state of shock a bit - and he gave me a big hug and kiss and said, "I'm so happy that you get your little girl."

The sonographer also mentioned that the picture was a great shot and that she was 100% sure that it was a girl. That made me feel even better.

It was such a moment! That's why I went into so much detail. I don't ever want to forget how wonderful it was.

Then of course, we had to play a joke on everyone since, after all, it was April Fool's day. My mom said she had a feeling it was another boy - then became so ecstatic when I said "April Fool." David's sister, Dawna, laughed and said, "haha ... you guys have the all boys curse, too!" But, boy did she NOT think it was funny when she found out we DO get a little girl and she is stuck with three boys. (Who's laughing now, Dawna! lol) And Ayla, well, Ayla was definitely upset that she was outnumbered 4 to 1! And, I don't blame her! However, she about died when she went up to her room, saw a little girl outfit and a note from her soon-to-be baby sister. She wanted to make sure that we weren't April Fooling her with it being a girl, though. Smart girl.

Really ... it was a wonderful day. I can't wait to meet our little baby girl ...

I love you little Brielle. We'll be seeing you soon!

(Oh yes, and as for the picture ... her little bum is in the upper left corner of the picture. Then, one leg is going out to the right and the other almost straight down. And, as you can see, there is nothing in-between her little legs!)

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