Friday, April 15, 2011

Lunch with Braxton

I got to go to Braxton's school today and eat lunch with him. It was a lot of fun. David got home from work early and we also had Ben this week because he had his Spring Break, so we all were able to show up and eat with him. On the menu: Cheeseburgers or Teriyaki Rice Bowl. Yep. All I have to say about that is ... I'm glad I send him with a cold lunch. Today was the first day he had hot lunch this whole year and I wasn't too impressed. In fact, I've heard that the same company's who do school lunches also do jail lunches. That's what it reminded me of ....

On the bright side of things, Braxton was so happy to have all of us there with him. It was really fun.

I love Brax so much. He is getting so big and I am having a hard time coming to grips with how big he is acting. I'm sure soon he won't want to give me kisses on the lips anymore ... or sign "I love you" to me, or blow kisses my way. So, I'm taking ALL that I can get now. Any day now he'll probably say, "Mom, can you drop me off at school a block away ..."

I'm so glad this boy is my son. I need to do better about cherishing the small, simple, but perfect moments.

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